Contemporary Approaches to Hernia Repair: A Narrative Review in General Surgery

This narrative review offers a thorough and inclusive examination of modern techniques for hernia repair in general surgery. This exploration spans the development of new methods, substances, and technology, providing insight into the significant changes in hernia treatment in recent years. An extensive examination of peer-reviewed literature, encompassing historical advancements, conventional approaches, and the rise of contemporary surgical tactics, was undertaken. Key focus areas include integrating mesh technology, minimally invasive procedures, biological meshes, and 3D printing improvements. The overview explains the historical development from traditional open surgeries to the introduction of laparoscopic procedures, providing detailed information on several modern approaches. The presentation includes information on the utilization of mesh, concerns particular to individual patients, and the increasing importance of robots. An extensive analysis examines complications, obstacles, and current trends, thoroughly assessing safety profiles and patient outcomes. This review aims to consolidate existing information, highlight areas lacking research, and provide future paths to enhance outcomes for patients undergoing general surgery. At the same time, the field of hernia repair experiences significant changes. The integration of classic and contemporary approaches illustrates the changing character of hernia repair, enabling a nuanced understanding among physicians and academics alike.

Olanrewaju O A, Saleem A, Ansah Owusu F, Pavani P, Ram R, Varrassi G. (December 31, 2023) Contemporary Approaches to Hernia Repair: A Narrative Review in General Surgery. Cureus 15(12): e51421. doi:10.7759/cureus.51421

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