Cardio-Oncology: Managing Cardiovascular Complications of Cancer Therapies

This narrative review explores the complex relationship between cancer medicines and cardiovascular health in the junction of oncology and cardiology, known as cardio-oncology. The study examines the historical development of cancer treatments and highlights the growing importance of cardiovascular problems in patient care. This text delves into the topic of cardiotoxicity, examining both conventional chemotherapeutic drugs like anthracyclines and more recent tyrosine kinase and immune checkpoint inhibitors. The complex molecular and cellular mechanisms that control cardiovascular problems are explained, including an understanding of how genetic predisposition influences an individual's sensitivity. The narrative expands into the crucial realm of risk stratification and evaluation, revealing advanced instruments for identifying cardiovascular risk in cancer patients. The importance of non-invasive imaging methods and biomarkers in early detection and continuous monitoring is emphasized.

The prioritization of preventive tactics emphasizes the need to take proactive measures incorporating therapies to protect the heart throughout cancer treatment. It also highlights the significance of making lifestyle improvements to reduce risk factors. The narrative emphasizes the changing collaborative treatment environment, advocating for merging oncologists and cardiologists in a coordinated endeavor to maximize patient outcomes. In addition to clinical factors, the review explores the critical domain of patient education and support, acknowledging its crucial role in promoting informed decision-making and improving overall patient well-being. The latter portions of the text anticipate and consider upcoming treatments and existing research efforts that offer the potential for the future of cardio-oncology. This review seeks to provide a detailed viewpoint on the intricate connection between cancer treatments and cardiovascular well-being. Its objective is to encourage a more profound comprehension of the subject and prompt careful contemplation regarding the comprehensive care of cancer patients who confront the intricate difficulties presented by their treatment plans.

Sharma R, Kashyap J, Olanrewaju O A, Varrassi G et al. (December 24, 2023) Cardio-Oncology: Managing Cardiovascular Complications of Cancer Therapies. Cureus 15(12): e51038. doi:10.7759/cureus.51038

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