Challenges and Solutions in Postoperative Complications: A Narrative Review in General Surgery

In general surgery, the goal of achieving favorable results following surgical procedures is consistently impeded by the intricate range of postoperative problems. This abstract summarizes a comprehensive narrative study that examines the numerous difficulties associated with postoperative complications and investigates potential remedies. With the progress of surgical practices, the intricacies of complications also increase, requiring a flexible comprehension of the diverse scenarios. This review examines the many factors contributing to postoperative complications, including patient-specific variables and advancing surgical procedures. It also explores the broader consequences of these problems on individual patients and healthcare systems. The economic results, such as extended hospitalizations and increased allocation of resources, highlight the need for specific solutions. This abstract also emphasizes the review's examination of novel methodologies, technology incorporations, and cooperative tactics as potential transformative factors. This abstract provides an overview of the ongoing efforts to change how postoperative complications are understood in general surgery. It highlights the importance of taking preventive measures and adopting a comprehensive approach to patient care.

Javed H, Olanrewaju O A, Ansah Owusu F, Varrassi G et al. (December 22, 2023) Challenges and Solutions in Postoperative Complications: A Narrative Review in General Surgery. Cureus 15(12): e50942. doi:10.7759/cureus.50942

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