"Call for images!" Complications of Pain-Relieving Procedures: The Illustrated Guide


"Call for images!" Complications of Pain-Relieving Procedures: The Illustrated Guide

Invito a collaborare alla sezione immagini del volume in lavorazione. 

Dear Colleague,

We are working on a book called Complications of Pain-Relieving Procedures: The Illustrated Guide. This work was planned by Prithvi Raj and Serdar Erdine after the publication of Pain-Relieving Procedures: The Illustrated Guide, and we are continuing this project after dear Prithvi Raj passed away. This new book will be dedicated to the memory of Prithvi Raj, founding father of World Institute of Pain, and will be co-edited by Serdar Erdine and Peter Staats.

We would like to ask for your assistance with this book. We have some images of complications already, but we would appreciate it if you could send us any more that you might have. Obviously such images would be a great asset to the book and to our colleagues, and would help us all to improve the standard of care for our patients.

Everyone who contributes an image will be listed in the book as a contributor, and each image will include in its caption a credit to the contributor. If you are able to share an image, please ensure that no identifying information about the patient is included.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this request, and we hope we will be able to collaborate on this important project. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions,

Best regards,

Serdar Erdine, MD, FIPP
WIP Founder & Past President

Peter Staats, MD, MBA, FIPP
WIP President-Elect

25 novembre 2019

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