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Corso internazionale multidisciplinare sul dolore 

Online il programma scientifico del Corso promosso dalla European League against Pain, EuLAP®, sotto la direzione del prof. Eli Alon. Il corso è a numero chiuso. 

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Hanno detto del corso:

The European League Against Pain (EULAP) marked its third anniversary this year in September 11-14th with the now world renowned and multi disciplinary convention taking place in the beautiful Hotel Zurichberg which overlooks Zurich and the Swiss Alps. Organized under the auspice of scientific director, founder of the Zurich Pain Control Center and anaesthesiologist Professor Eli Alon, the conference ensured world class speakers from a diverse range of disciplines including: neurologists, rheumatologists, clinical pharmacologists, lawyers, psychiatrists and anaesthesiologists all presenting a united front in order to combat one enemy: chronic pain.
However, it was not just the lecturers but also the attendees that varied in their fields of work and included: psychologists, medical students, anaesthesiologists, physicians, clinical nurses and psychiatrists. Attendees travelled from all over the world including Latvia, Romania, Kosovo, Italy, Greece, Australia and Israel (just to name a few) in order to be present for the opportunity to listen to work class experts in their field and to develop new and innovative strategies from managing and treating their patient's pain.
Chronic pain affects at least 1 in 5 individuals globally and is perhaps more pervasive than many other chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, chronic pain has had less attention, funding, and resources dedicated to it compared to that of heart disease or obesity but accounts for billions of euros in healthcare costs not to mention decades of healthy working years lost in an individual that suffers from chronic pain.
The convention therefore aimed to focus on a multidisciplinary approach in disseminating, analysing and treating chronic pain as the condition is a multifaceted one often requiring the engagement, expertise and co-operation of several disciplines.
Presentations therefore focused on a variety of topics including:

Medication management and role of opioids
Psychological aspects of chronic pain
Transcultural aspects of pain
Latest techniques in interventional management
Ethics, law and medicine

Of course, every couple of hours of learning new and challenging information required a break and fortunately the hospitality of Hotel Zurichberg did not disappoint the participants nor the lecturers who were able to enjoy several delicious coffee breaks throughout the day and were treated to a varied lunch every day of the event.
The hotel terrace proved to deliver the best of an unspoiled view of Lake Zurich and the city center where participants were able to discuss and debate the presentations that took place directly with the lecturers.
Four days and almost forty hours of newly acquired information were accompanied by a greater sense of competence, newly formed professional connections, friendships and last but not least, ignited passion and motivation to utilize new skills and information on the next patient suffering from chronic pain!
Please join us and the next EULAP convention in 2018 and come and join us in the standing together against chronic pain!
Sonja Jankovic, Psychologist, Adelaide, Australia

I left Zurich after having gained ideas, knowledge and up-to-date views of chronic pain as well as several friends from different countries of the world.
Efi Stavropoulou, MD, PhD, Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist-Pain Specialist,
Athens, Greece


"These four days passed very quickly and pleasantly, without being tired or getting bored"


"The attendance od doctors of different specialties was exciting"


"I left Zurich with a lot of new ideas and updated knowledge on chronic pain"


"It was very interesting to discuss with colleagues of different nations" - "Excellent teachers"

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