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Simposio Fondazione Menarini-EuLAP 2017 dedicato al dolore acuto

 Barcellona, 14-16 settembre 2017

The first edition of the "Pain Management Symposium,: the Science Behind" has been guaranteed of an enormous success. 
This was the main reason why we decided to organize a second edition, this time in Barcelona. The occasion will be very interesting and will certainly give the right light on what is the management of acute pain, but also which unmet needs are still there.

The Faculty will again be of very high level. In particular, the opening lecture will be on one of the great dilemmas of pain mechanisms: "Can we prevent acute pain to become chronic?", and will be most probably given by who is defined the number one in the world on this topic. He definitely has a huge scientific knowledge and reputation on this topic. After that, at least 6 different speakers will discuss on what we know about acute pain. Immediately after, the attention will be focused on post-operative pain, that is for sure one of the most frequent pain problems in medicine. The potential treatments, from the multimodal analgesia to the "futuristic" therapeutic approaches like the "fast-track analgesia" or the "procedure-specific analgesia", will close the event.
We do hope to see you all in Barcelona, but also that you will become apostles of the high scientific level of the event organized in Budapest, where only the crucial messages related to "Pain Management" have been discussed. This would guarantee an even more numerous popularity to the event. Also, it would be the best acknowledgement for the organizers and the best possible activity for the wellbeing of the pain patients. The diffusion of the scientific messages is always the most important activity we can do for them.

Alessandro Casini
Antonio Montero
Carmelo Scarpignato
Giustino Varrassi

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